Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big Weekend Haul

I'm such an addict, I have to cut back for a while, haha. But after this weekend I should have plenty of things to have fun with for the next few weeks! My cat decided she wanted to be photographed as well, so there are a few photobombs, haha.
Middle Front: Ulta
Side Front: Target
Back: Biglots
I went on a little nail polish spending spree, oops! Super happy with all my purchases though. I actually forgot a couple: I also got Fright Night Claw Polish in Voodoo and Sinister.
Wet n Wild: Glow in the Dark, Purple Sparkle, ?, ?
The last two didn't have labels on them and I bought them in a two back from BigLots so I have no idea what they're called...which really sucks, because I am in LOVE with the last one! It is much more nude than it looks in this picture. Here is it on me, since I loved it so much it was the one I had to try first. If anyone knows the name of these two, please so tell~
With Sinful Colors "All About You" on my ring finger
This color is gorgeous, it's a very glossy nude with white microglitter. I decided to wear it to my new job today (Disney Store! Yay, so excited!) since their dress code mandates a neutral color. Though, this is extremely neutral, it nearly matches my skin completely haha. It took four coats to get it to an acceptable opacity, it probably would be better used over a thick nude shade just to add the gloss and sparkle since I hate doing that many coats. As much as I love it, it is very plain, so I had to add some extra pop to the accent finger, using another of my current favorites, Sinful Color's "All About You".
Color Mates: Romance, Adobe, Winey the Pooh
These were in a three pack at BigLots...Romance appears to be your average red, Adobe is kind of an interesting pink with a slightly orange tint and a lot of silver shimmer, while Winey the Pooh...I can't really tell the color of. From the name, I'm guessing it's supposed to be some sort of wine red, but it looks really brown to me.  I really just bought this back for Adobe.
e.l.f: Purple Pleaser, Lilac, Blue Mist, Mango Madness, Fuchsia
I can't resist mint and fuchsia are my colors for the winter so this set was a must buy. I love the orange too.
Revlon: Black Lingerie, Tropical Temptation, Posh Pink, Iced Spice, Pink Chiffon, Get Reddy
These came in 2-packs for $2 each, total steal. I love Get Reddy and Posh Pink the most, probably.
OPI DS Jewel, LA Colors Art Deco Gold, Sally Hansen Crackle Fractured Foil, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On
Er...crap. Darn my Ulta! Ugh. I had been looking at the Miss Universe OPI display and remembered that I wanted "It's My Year", though to be honest I couldn't remember what it looked like, so I grabbed the polish that was in there...needless to say, this is not "It's My Year". That place is SO disorganized! All the polishes are always in the wrong place. But, at least, Jewel is a pretty color itself, kind of a dark pink with a bronze shimmer. I have been playing around with that silver crackle and I am just not digging it, the formula is super thin so you can't get a good, prominent coat of it. Maybe over a really dark color or matte I will be better off, right now it is just doing nothing for me.
Ulta: Envy, Ginger Peach, Bam-Blue-Zled, Love My Blackberry
Ulta polishes were 2/$6 (or Buy One Get One Free) so I had to pick a few up. I've been wanting a nice emerald green since all my greens fall into either lime or teal, so I picked up Envy which is a lot lighter than it looks in my picture. Looking at it now it looks like there is a little blue (maybe even a bit of purple) shimmer to it, but it's all good. I can't figure out if Bam-Blue-Zled is light blue or periwinkle, the lighting really changes it.
ORLY: Galaxy Girl, Lunar Eclipse, Space Cadet
Alright, if you have seen these polishes from the ORLY Space FX collection in real life you know my picture here does them no justice. These polishes are gorgeous! Apparently this is a collection from 2010? My Ulta had a ton of these left! Good for me, haha. I am going to have to go back and see if they have "Out of This World" sometime. I was going to pass up on Space Cadet at first since, while it's beautiful, I'm just not too into green-golds. But since these were buy 2, get 1 free..well, can't pass up something that is free!

Woo! That's the end, haha. That's a lot of polish for one weekend, now comes the challenge of deciding what to wear!

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