Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Name Me! Purple Franken

I have a couple frankens to show you today! I am planning on buying some supplies off TKB in the near future so I can really get into frankening, but here are a couple I have made so far. I've made one other, but it came out so bad I will probably just dump it, no fun when then color comes off a glitter.

The first I made is inspired by Disney's Cinderella. I know Disney just came out with a set of nail polishes, but in my opinion they are a bit dull. Expected I suppose. I wanted to make my own interpretations of the princesses. I actually have plans for other princess polishes too, so look out for those when I get my supplies!
With flash, Without flash
This color is called 'Glass Slipper' and is a very sheer blue shimmer with some larger pieces of blue and white glitter in it. I'll use it in a manicure some time to give you a better idea, but here is a fake nail with it painted on. So you can get an idea of how it would look on different layers, it is over clear, the white of the fake nail, and an opaque white polish.
I think it's a bit of a tricky one to capture on camera, the blue glitter comes out a bit like black dots or something. In real life it is just very shimmery and really does look like glass to me! I completely forgot what I mixed to make this, though I do think I have it written down somewhere. I went a little crazy with it and improvised a lot of the formula though.

My second franken is in desperate need of a name!
It is a dark purple jelly shimmer with purple glitter, holo glitter and gold glitter, though the gold didn't pick up much in my lighting. If only we had sun in Daly City...
For this I used a bottle of Confetti 'Happy Birthday' and mixed in some Sinful Color's 'All About You' and 'I Miss You'. This is pretty much my perfect polish, haha! I will definitely get some photos of me actually wearing this one, hopefully it will have a name before then.

Here is the actual mani I was wearing today.
It's one coat of Ulta 'Envy' with a coat of Sinful Colors 'Nail Junkie' over it, then a matte top coat. Nothing exciting but after trying 4 different manis yesterday I just gave up.

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