Friday, October 7, 2011

Spotted Chameleon

I've been looking for the On The Prowl Wet'N'Wild collection to no avail, unfortunately. But in my trip to RiteAid last night I did come across a display of polish brands I wasn't familiar with. The only line I recognized were the Petites, which I have bought from WalMart in the past. Everything else was pretty basic, but one line caught my eye.
The maker is Scherer and the line is Chameleon. All the polishes are supposed to be duochrome though I noticed some were more than others. A lot of them were pretty expected, of course they had a green/blue, purple/green, white/pink/blue yadda yadda. But this one caught my eye, maybe because I love gold polishes.
The color is called "Galactic" and is a sandy gold. If I were to really identify a duochrome in this, I guess I would say it goes from a bright gold do a darker grey-gold, but they may just be a shadow thing. Still, this color is just gorgeous. Granted, it does nothing for my skin I decided to use it as a base to stamp over.
Outside in the sun, Inside with flash (click through for larger)
I stamped with Revlon "Black Lingerie" but it still looked a little plain, so I added Sinful Colors "All About You" in some of the spots. I swear, I probably use that color in half of everything I do, haha.

You probably notice my stamping is incredibly messy...I honestly am terrible at it. I'm pretty new to it, so hopefully in time I will get the hang of it. Also, I have a problem with my nails being quite a bit larger than the stamps. I have to stamp a couple times for patterns likes this, it's a bit of a pain. Well, at least it is better than having to hand paint all of this!

I was pretty quick to pass up the rest of the Chameleon colors since this was the only creative one I saw, but maybe I was too quick? Anyone else tried these and liked any other shades? 


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