Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prism Power Makeup

There is a new Sailor Moon t-shirt at Hot Topic that I am absolutely in love with, though ever store I have gone to was sold out or didn't have my size. I suppose I'll have to just order it online (along with this gorgeous online exclusive) when I have some money. But the shirt at least inspired a manicure out of me!

I almost exclusively used Color Club for this, but there was no red in their Starry Temptress collection so I used another brand and layered the Starry Temptress topcoat over it.

Why didn't I take pictures yesterday when it was sunny out? It has been foggy all day.

Grey - Color Club "Revvvolution"
Pink - Color Club "Space Case"
Blue - Color Club "Otherworldly"
Red - Revlon "Mon Cherry" + Color Club "Starry Temptress"
Green - Color Club "Glitter Envy"
Orange - Color Club "You Got Soul-ar"

I used "Revvvolution" as a base because the shirt that inspired me is black, but also because of the holographic-ness of it, it has all the scout's colors right in it!
You can kind of see it, though it's hard to capture without the sun.

Writing this post, the low quality of the pictures is really bugging me, sorry...I do have a better camera, I just need to find the battery charger for it! Hopefully next post will have much clearer pictures, I'll get searching.

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