Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simple Halloween Mani

Yesterday was a Halloween dress up event at my work, so I decided to do my nails orange. 
I used Hot Topic's Orange Scented polish with is sooo pretty. It looks so warm and shimmery! Then on top I added some flakies made by a Japanese company, Dear Laura, and finally matte'd it out.
I bought these three, but the pink and blue look exactly the same on nails. So many cries.
Kitty attack!
Sadly, these don't have actual names, just numbers from what I can tell. They were numbered 37, 38 and 39 I think, though I can check if anyone really wants to know. These bottles are tiny tiny tiny and cost like $6, ugh. Still, they're so pretty it is kinda worth it. I don't own any other flakies right now, but compared to pictures of other brands I've seen like Nubar, Nfu-Oh and Orly, these flakes are a lot smaller. I tried to get a good picture but the macro mode on my camera blows.
Best I could do, sorry!
I do like that it just gives it an extra bit of warmth, it reminds me of fire. I already have a Hunger Games mani planned out for when the movie comes out involving these two!

At the mall they were having a dog costume contest. I saw this and had to get a picture, so freaking cute!

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