Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prism Power Makeup

There is a new Sailor Moon t-shirt at Hot Topic that I am absolutely in love with, though ever store I have gone to was sold out or didn't have my size. I suppose I'll have to just order it online (along with this gorgeous online exclusive) when I have some money. But the shirt at least inspired a manicure out of me!

I almost exclusively used Color Club for this, but there was no red in their Starry Temptress collection so I used another brand and layered the Starry Temptress topcoat over it.

Why didn't I take pictures yesterday when it was sunny out? It has been foggy all day.

Grey - Color Club "Revvvolution"
Pink - Color Club "Space Case"
Blue - Color Club "Otherworldly"
Red - Revlon "Mon Cherry" + Color Club "Starry Temptress"
Green - Color Club "Glitter Envy"
Orange - Color Club "You Got Soul-ar"

I used "Revvvolution" as a base because the shirt that inspired me is black, but also because of the holographic-ness of it, it has all the scout's colors right in it!
You can kind of see it, though it's hard to capture without the sun.

Writing this post, the low quality of the pictures is really bugging me, sorry...I do have a better camera, I just need to find the battery charger for it! Hopefully next post will have much clearer pictures, I'll get searching.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Gleeday!

Right now is my favorite time of the year, when all the new TV shows come out! There are so many I want to follow this year, I'm actually watching the pilot of The Playboy Club right now. But this also means my favorite shows are returning. My absolute favorite being...
Yellow: Wet'n'Wild - "The Wonder Yellows"
Blue: Color Club - "Other Worldly"
Red: Revlon - "Mon Cherry"

I love doing my nails for 'special events', haha. I decided to do one hand with the classic Glee logo, covered in a 'slushie'. I know Sephora has a Glee polish line, one of the colors being "Slushie" but I think the glitter in the color club Glitter Neons collection looks more like an actual slushie, the glitter looks like ice.

On the other hand I did a Cheerios theme, since Santana, Quinn and Brittany are my three favorite characters. On my accent finger I painted a duck, a lizard and a crown to represent the three. The other fingers all have a very simple design based loosely on their Cheerio uniforms. And because I love some sparkle, on the thumb I put little crystals along the white stripe.
Red: Revlon - "Mon Cherry"

So excited to see it tonight!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Post; Two Manis

Hey lovelies! I am super excited for my first post. I live right outside of San Francisco California so unfortunately taking photos will be a bit difficult for me...we only get sun about once a week here. I will try my best to make my photos presentable!

Gotta love nails that match your knock off sunglasses.

The first mani I have to show you is what I  wore last weekend to the Chocolate Festival in Ghiradelli Square. The Chocolate Festival is awesome because of the chocolate tea party the hold at my favorite tea place, Crown & Crumpet. This is the second year I have gone to their tea and it is amazing. All the teas have a chocolate note, my favorite this year being a strawberry chocolate tea, and all the food is based around chocolate as well. Chocolate sandwiches, scones and desserts! It is a quick and delicious way to go into a choco-coma.

Back on the subject of nails, I had to do a chocolate-drip for the Chocolate Festival, right? I choose to do it with three 'flavors': vanilla, strawberry and mint. Each flavor had its own accent too; the strawberry had bar glitter 'sprinkles', the mint had a holo heart and the vanilla had a little gem cherry.

Vanilla - Essie "Limo-Scene"
Strawberry - Claire's Mood "Awesome/Silly"
Mint - Sally Hansen Xtreme "Mint Sorbet"
Sprinkles - Sally Hansen Xtreme "In the Spotlight"
Chocolate - Revlon Top Speed "Espresso"

A few days ago I saw a post on All Lacquered Up about Sally Hansen's new 'Slim Silhouette' manicure. I thought it looked awesome so I gave it a try myself. 

...yeah. It didn't work to well. Maybe I was just being impatient or maybe it's just not as cool of a manicure as I thought it would be, but on my it just didn't really work. Oh well.

My cat Lyra decided to photobomb.

Gold - Sinful Colors "All About You"
Charcoal - Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer"
At the very least, I love these two colors. The "All About You" is a gold glitter in a clear base and it goes on super thick. For full coverage you would want three coats, but for this I only used two since the tips would be covered anyway. If you look closely there are a few scattered orange pieces of glitter as well and they really make the whole thing more interesting, almost making it look a bit like a holo. "Secret Admirer" is just my type of color, I love gun metals and charcoals. It's a dark grey base with silver micro glitter and shimmers beautifully, plus it is very opaque and I'm guessing it would be great for stamping (I'll have to give it a try soon!)

I'm actually a little bit out of ideas for nail art with what I currently have. I have a whole bunch of plates and polishes in the mail, but looking at what I have at home I'm just not sure what to do. Maybe I'll think of something tomorrow. Thanks for reading <3