Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Post; Two Manis

Hey lovelies! I am super excited for my first post. I live right outside of San Francisco California so unfortunately taking photos will be a bit difficult for me...we only get sun about once a week here. I will try my best to make my photos presentable!

Gotta love nails that match your knock off sunglasses.

The first mani I have to show you is what I  wore last weekend to the Chocolate Festival in Ghiradelli Square. The Chocolate Festival is awesome because of the chocolate tea party the hold at my favorite tea place, Crown & Crumpet. This is the second year I have gone to their tea and it is amazing. All the teas have a chocolate note, my favorite this year being a strawberry chocolate tea, and all the food is based around chocolate as well. Chocolate sandwiches, scones and desserts! It is a quick and delicious way to go into a choco-coma.

Back on the subject of nails, I had to do a chocolate-drip for the Chocolate Festival, right? I choose to do it with three 'flavors': vanilla, strawberry and mint. Each flavor had its own accent too; the strawberry had bar glitter 'sprinkles', the mint had a holo heart and the vanilla had a little gem cherry.

Vanilla - Essie "Limo-Scene"
Strawberry - Claire's Mood "Awesome/Silly"
Mint - Sally Hansen Xtreme "Mint Sorbet"
Sprinkles - Sally Hansen Xtreme "In the Spotlight"
Chocolate - Revlon Top Speed "Espresso"

A few days ago I saw a post on All Lacquered Up about Sally Hansen's new 'Slim Silhouette' manicure. I thought it looked awesome so I gave it a try myself. 

...yeah. It didn't work to well. Maybe I was just being impatient or maybe it's just not as cool of a manicure as I thought it would be, but on my it just didn't really work. Oh well.

My cat Lyra decided to photobomb.

Gold - Sinful Colors "All About You"
Charcoal - Sinful Colors "Secret Admirer"
At the very least, I love these two colors. The "All About You" is a gold glitter in a clear base and it goes on super thick. For full coverage you would want three coats, but for this I only used two since the tips would be covered anyway. If you look closely there are a few scattered orange pieces of glitter as well and they really make the whole thing more interesting, almost making it look a bit like a holo. "Secret Admirer" is just my type of color, I love gun metals and charcoals. It's a dark grey base with silver micro glitter and shimmers beautifully, plus it is very opaque and I'm guessing it would be great for stamping (I'll have to give it a try soon!)

I'm actually a little bit out of ideas for nail art with what I currently have. I have a whole bunch of plates and polishes in the mail, but looking at what I have at home I'm just not sure what to do. Maybe I'll think of something tomorrow. Thanks for reading <3


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